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Travel Part 2: New Mexico to Arizona & Getting Our First RV.

Once we left Colorado, we went through and stopped in New Mexico before making our way into Arizona. Again we stayed at an extended stay hotel. We wound up staying in Arizona where we were for about a month and a half or so. We were getting very tired of moving all of our stuff constantly and decided to try to find ourselves an RV.

We used a lot of our free time to look at ads, check out different RV shows and go see RVs from private sellers.

Jake worked (still does) during the week in a remote position in web development and so we were limited as to when we could go check out what could possibly be our new home.

Toward the end of our stay in Arizona, we found an RV we liked and then used the in between time of actually getting it to explore some of the places we wanted to check out. The Tempe Festival of Lights, several coffee shops in the area and the Phoenix Art Museum to name a few. We also had the chance to get out and hike which was wonderful! Especially considering in Illinois? It was cold and snowy and gloomy.

Once our RV was officially ours, we named her Adelaide, and set about getting settled into what would now be our new life/routine. (Adelaide is a 1996 Winnebego Adventurer. She was an old gal, but she was new to us, and we positutely adore her!)

Check out my YouTube video walk thru of our RV here.

For the most part we all adjusted quite quickly.

Dexter liked having a sort of home base. He didn’t have to always have so much change going on and as an elder doggo, he definitely appreciated that.

We didn’t have to constantly be moving every single thing we owned every time we wanted to migrate to a new spot.

There was definitely a learning curve. The various systems from the tanks to the way the heat and cooling worked; it was all new to us.

We were happy we wound up with a Class A. It was what suited us best for our lives and how we wanted to travel.

It was unbelievably easy to get everything put away since we didn’t have that much stuff to begin with. Going from having all your possessions in a car to spread out in a 34 foot RV is a huge difference.

We left Arizona and headed for Nevada which would be our first place to stop as we adjusted to and learned about our new to us RV.

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