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Travel Part 4: California & Paying Off Debt

On our way to California, we wound up hitting a post that was in the ground all camouflaged like the snow it was set in. At night. At a place that we did not end up staying for various reasons. Adelaide was injured for a bit, but thankfully she got fixed during our time in California.

The RV park we stayed at until we had to take Adelaide into the shop had a hot tub and we *finally* got to enjoy a little bit of warmer weather!

We decided while in California to check out Universal Studios Hollywood. We got the two day pass and saw the Harry Potter area the first day and then explored the rest of the park on the second day.

We also checked out the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory.

Check out my YouTube video of the Griffith Observatory here.

Along with our regular stay, we also had a work conference at Laguna Beach for Jake. After that conference, we had Adelaide in the shop to get fixed and stayed at Oceanside while she was getting all patched up.

We checked out several different Fro-Yo places, cause we adore Fro-Yo yo!

While at our beach stay in Oceanside, we took up jogging for a week straight. It was exhilarating for both of us considering the horrible health year we had each had for most of 2019 and the fact that we both had almost died. The craziest part for me was that I had had a week in 2019 when I COULD NOT WALK. Yet, here I was jogging again. It was mind-blowing and incredible and I was so beyond thankful that God had healed me and I was okay. I had a moment of clarity in thinking about this that left me in tears and I felt like a section of my mind and heart healed finally with this reflection.

After we got Adeliade back, we had a decision to make. Where to next? We could either keep on track and drive up the coast to Oregon and then Washington like we had planned. Or we could drive back to Arizona to a desert area and stay up through July at least to save money and catch up on our bills.

We had budgeted to pay all of our bills off as we traveled. We weren’t originally planning on the cost of purchasing an RV even though we got a great deal on her. We had medical debt and credit card debt to take into consideration as well. After a lot of thought and a lot of brainstorming, what decided it for us was that we wanted to be warm.

When it came right down to it, we wanted to go West to escape the cold. The cold seemed to be following us around since we left Illinois. We decided ya know what? We will go live in the desert for cheap and get all of our stuff caught up and enjoy some warmth. Thankfully that is what we decided to do because had we not? We would have wound up in Seattle at the height of the COVID-19 problem. Thank you God that we were inspired to change our route.

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