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2020 O.W.L.s TBR

For the third year of O.W.L.s how fitting is it that I am going for the Wizarding Career of Seer?

First of all, we have the obvious connection: my handle of SweetheartSeer. Talk about going on brand!

Then we have the fact that this year is 2020 and who doesn’t want to have “the sight” of 2020 vision?

My favorite of all though is that in book three of Harry Potter, we are introduced for the first time to Professor Trelawny. Yes, Sybill Trelwany the slightly crazy yet lovable Professor of Divination at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It seemed quite fitting to me!

I have participated from the start and every year the readathon grows in participants and expands in what all you can choose to do with it!

Basically this readathon takes place in the month of April for the O.W.L.s and then we have the N.E.W.T.s in August which is a companion readathon to what you accomplish in your O.W.L.s. You pick your books to read based on different prompts for each class test you “sit”. If you aren’t familiar with the O.W.L.s readathon hosted by G at BookRoast, I will link her announcement video for this years readathon here as she explains it much better of course!

As a mood reader, I usually have a difficult time sticking to a TBR. I usually wind up swapping things out as I go. We shall see how things go with my selections for this year!

For Seer, my class/prompts are for three classes: Ancient Runes, Astronomy, and Divination.

For Ancient Runes the prompt is heart rune: heart on the cover or in the title.

This was actually the last book prompt I figured out because I didn’t realize at first that there was a heart in the middle background of the cover. I’m happy because this is a physical book that I own that I picked up when we went to Barnes and Noble last year. I will admit, the cover is what drew me in, but the story about necromancy sounded intriguing because who doesn’t love a little magic in their stories?

I am going to be reading:

For Astronomy the prompt is night classes: read majority of this book when it is dark outside. This selection was one that I decided to go for an audiobook for regardless. I usually listen to audiobooks at night anyways, so I researched using my Goodreads list of titles I wanted to read and saw that Scribd had this title available. I downloaded it and will be listening to an hour a night give or take for the first two weeks in April.

Finally for the Seer career, we have Divination. The prompt here was especially fun! Third Eye: assign numbers to your TBR and use a random number generator to pick your read.

I had 27 titles that I had on my Goodreads backlist and so I went on Google, typed it in the search engine with the parameters of 1-27 and it chose the number 23 for me.

Then I counted down to #23 on the list and we had a winner:

I am super glad too because this is the only title by Megan Miranda that I have not read yet (I reviewed an advanced copy of her newest title that you can find here.) and it is not necessarily something I would have reached for otherwise. I have it as an ebook on my kindle.

This year in addition to the career choice, G has added in some extra courses and bonus sessions you can choose to do. I am going to try for the Merpeople Linguistics one as I think that would be an excellent skill to have if one was divining in the world of Harry Potter!

The class needed for this one for O.W.L.s is Herbology.

After inspecting the course list, we can see that the prompt for Herbology makes use of the Mimbulus Mimbletonia spell by having us choose a title that starts with the letter M. This title I had originally purchased a physical copy of to be read on a flight to Seattle, WA. for a trip we had planned for the end of March, but that wasn’t meant to be. Regardless, I am very much looking forward to diving in to this one!

Here is my choice:

So here we have my four selections for O.W.L.s 2020:

Wish me luck!

Also, I will be live tweeting many times during the month of April of my progress and taking part in all of the fun HP themed adventures. If you have a Twitter account, or just want to make one for the readathon, come hang out!

My twitter handle is: @Sweetheart_Seer:

See you next time!

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