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“Tea & Treachery (Tea by the Sea Mysteries #1)” by: Vicki Delany

Confession time: I LOVE the writing style of Vicki Delany. She manages to write in such a comforting way and yes I know she writes cozy mysteries, but not ALL cozy mysteries feel like hers do. I find them extremely comforting.

I adored her Sherlock Bookshop series and when I saw she had a new series coming out, oh man I did a happy dance when my request to review it was approved!

Lily was such a fun character to hang out with. Running a tea room and baking with the backdrop of a setting by the sea was so fun!

Bernie had some hilarious and wonderful writing ideas and Rose seems like she would be an interesting person to know in real life.

I also really enjoyed not being able to guess the whodunnit.

My favorite part was the inclusion of this sentence in the advance copy:
“…told me about the strange incident of the geraniums in the nighttime.” The inclusion of a wink, wink, nod, nod to Sherlock when she had written a series around that topic before….just ahhhhhh I adored it so much!

I will shout to the rooftops recommend this new series to anyone looking for a compulsively readable cozy mystery that feels soothing and calming amongst the mystery/murder.

Goodreads Synopsis:

As the proud proprietor and head pastry chef of Tea by the Sea, a traditional English tearoom on the picturesque bluffs of Cape Cod, Roberts has her hands full, often literally. But nothing keeps her busier than steering her sassy grandmother, Rose, away from trouble. Rose operates the grand old Victorian B & B adjacent to Lily’s tea shop . . . for now. An aggressive real estate developer, Jack Ford, is pushing hard to rezone nearby land, with an eye toward building a sprawling golf resort, which would drive Rose and Lily out of business.

Tempers are already steaming, but things really get sticky when Ford is found dead at the foot of Rose’s property and the police think she had something to do with his dramatic demise. Lily can’t let her grandmother get burned by a false murder charge. So she starts her own investigation and discovers Ford’s been brewing bad blood all over town, from his jilted lover to his trophy wife to his shady business partners. Now, it’s down to Lily to stir up some clues, sift through the suspects, and uncover the real killer before Rose is left holding the tea bag.

Quick Facts:

Page Count: 304

Format: Paperback

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Publisher: Kensington Books

Expected Publication Date: July 28th, 2020

Categories: ARC