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Travel Part Six: We Snowbirds Go Back to Illinois for the Summer & Fall

We safely made it back to Illinois for the summer! Once we returned, we set up our spot, quarantined, and then set about visiting a very small amount of friends and family all outside and at a distance.

It was really nice to be able to catch up and spend time relaxing outside around a fire. We got a lot of fishing done, although not very productive in that we didn’t catch much. We had a fun summer filled with relaxation, small amounts of socializing, and spent a LOT of time outdoors. Arizona had been too hot most days to go outside, but Illinois-while muggy- has had nice weather for almost the entire time we have been here. A few rainy days and storms, but overall it was nice to get to see grass again.

We also took up hiking and biking again and I spent a good amount of time cooking recipes from a collection of cookbooks I had purchased once we got back.

I also decided to finish out my Associate of Arts Degree by finally setting up to take my last Science class with a lab online! I should be graduating this term, so that is super exciting!

Another thing we definitely did not want to miss was heading out to our local apple orchards! We wanted to make sure to get to visit the orchards before leaving. One thing we have learned with traveling is that if there is something you REALLY want to do, make time to go do that thing before you wind up running out of time.

We still have a lot to do before we skedaddle again for more adventures this season (will probably be heading out again mid October, but who knows really?!). Overall this time has been well spent. We are starting to get the travel bug, yet we know that soon enough we will be able to hit the road again!

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