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Rv Life Isn’t For Us (Anymore)

After being in our RV for roughly one and a half years, we have decided to give up the full time RV lifestyle. It was a super easy decision for us for several reasons. First of all, a very much needed reminder, I want to say that if you think RVing sounds great and want to go for it-do it! Obviously what works for us may not work for you and vice versa. I am only writing about our own decision and views.

I don’t want to dwell on the negative for very long so I am not going into all the nitty gritty reasons (and quite frankly it isn’t anyone else’s business as to every single reason either). Have I mentioned before that I am INFJ 4w5 before? If not it seems applicable to mention here!

Regardless, the RV life wasn’t for us anymore and that’s okay. Not every single thing is meant to stay in your life forever. Seasons come and go. People grow and change and so do their needs and that is a lot of what happened with us. We outgrew it. It was time to move into the next chapter of our lives.

I often struggle with sharing my thoughts online with others as I quite often want to go on and delete every single thing I have ever shared publicly and be left to my own private life of reading, learning, and putzing about with no one else besides a very select few friends and family knowing my business at any given time. In my head I am a little old absent-minded sorceress with long silver hair seated in a dusty library surrounded by books, studying by candlelight with an owl perched outside my window and a tree that told me its name several years ago watching out for and guarding me and my household. I am taking notes while vaguely wondering where I left my keys as I set them down at some point earlier in the day before becoming distracted by needing to know the name of some obscure plant that I want to add to our outdoor garden area and how often I should water it once planted.

I digress.

Here are a few of the reasons I do feel comfortable sharing:

🔮 We were constantly running into each other, Dexter, or tripping on something. Even as minimalists we still needed some things as being digital nomads on the road and living out of Adelaide full time and without having slide outs, that made things a bit of a challenge for us at the best of times and a frustrating ball of annoyance at the worst.

🔮 We always felt like Adelaide was getting dirty and she was constantly in need of upkeep, because she was. It was tiring to keep up with as we were getting diminishing returns.

🔮 We didn’t have enough space to fully reach up to stretch. That may seem like a small thing, but it got to us after awhile.

🔮 We were surrounded by laundry constantly even after we got our small washer/spin out combo as it was small load only. It didn’t actually have a dryer part, so we would line dry, but we had more than a few times were the laundry would get caught in a two or more day downpour. It was miserable and depressing.

Speaking of depressing, we have had a few people ask us about if Covid hadn’t been a thing would we have kept going. Our answer is yeah probably, but it would have only prolonged the inevitable for us. A global pandemic forces everyone I think to reflect a bit more on their lives and what they want in general; that’s no different for us. We decided we wanted more stability and to establish some roots. We missed being nearby our family and friends and we also want to start a family of our own.

Now all that being said, that doesn’t mean that travel will stop for us completely. We won’t have to have every single thing we own with us when we do! We want to eventually travel via plane to visit other countries. We want to explore the East coast via train and rented car. We want to keep seeking adventures…eventually. For now though we are enjoying being back in our home state, furnishing our new home, and a much slower pace of life.

Dexter having a fenced yard to roam around in where he doesn’t have to fall down the steps to potty has been such a relief both for him and us. That was always heartbreaking. He is an elder doggo and when we tried a ramp, that was even worse for him. Poor puppers. Now that he has adjusted more, he is so content and happy too.

We felt like we were always on the go even when we weren’t while traveling and while it was an adventure of a lifetime that we are truly grateful for; it was beyond exhausting at times. Being able to be on the road was a huge dream come true for us and we will always have the memories we created along the way. However, the fact that we can’t touch both our toilet and fridge at the same time? Huge perk. Plus, we don’t have to constantly throw our food away due to a faulty fridge. Seriously, that got old really fast.

We can stretch up as high as we want to now and not touch the ceiling. We are getting more movement simply walking around our home, we have space to each work on our projects and take phone calls without disturbing the other person, and we both feel more sane, healthy, and happy in general.

That, dear readers? That is absolutely worth its weight in gold.

Now where did I put my keys?
*wanders off absent-mindedly…

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