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July Wrap Up

So how did my reading go in July? Well, I had a LOT of life stuff that happened-both good and bad-and that super affected my reading habits. On the plus side though, I took part in the Olympic Games Readathon and that helped me read a little more than I otherwise would have.

“The Secret” by: Rhonda Byrne

Read this one because I had watched the movie and wanted to get the book read too. I read this one as a sort of split from June going into July and finished it out in July.
4 stars.
It matched the movie pretty well and is a great reference guide to sort of help cement in the concepts presented from the movie.

“How To Breathe” by: Ashley Neese

Read for the Olympic Games Readathon Team Artemis prompt of “Read a Book with a Green cover”
4 Stars.
You know how sometimes certain books come into your life when you most need them? Or how you pick up a book when you need it the most? That was how it was for me with this one.
The divisions of topics were very well done, the pictures added such a calm vibe, and all of the breathwork included was well-explained and easy to follow and understand.
Definitely one that I will be coming back to as needed and I annotated it with pen to underline a lot of the ideas and quotes. Very well done.

“Mooncakes” by: Suzanne Walker & Wendy Wu

Read for the Olympic Games Readathon Team Artemis prompt of “Read a Book that takes place in the wilderness/features the wilderness”
3.5 Stars.
Read all in one sitting. Adore the Art style and the main character wearing a hearing aid along with a heavy set best friend and a nonbinary love interest. The grandmas had the implication of being in a relationship as well and this was overall such a feel good book about acceptance and magic and oh, so cute!

“We are the Wildcats” by: Siobhan Vivian

Read as the Team Artemis prompt for the Olympic Games readathon prompt of “Read a book featuring Strong Independent Female Characters.”
2 Stars.
Slog, slog, slog.
Not much happened, slow, not very interesting. Kept wondering if the Coach was a creep. Still feel like he was, or at least just super moody and immature. Didn’t connect with any of the characters.
The scene of stealing the bulldog out of someone’s house was…ridiculous.
Pretty boring even when the “secrets” started getting revealed. Didn’t like it.
The ending was supposed to be super empowering and all, but it just fell super short. Meh. Waste of time.

“Moon Magic” by: Diane Ahlquist

Read this for the Olympic Games Team Artemis prompt of “Read while the Moon is up”.
3 Stars.
It was okay. There were some decent nuggets, but it was just sort of not really something I super clicked with. It had a lot of Astrology and essential oils info and intention setting stuff.
Overall I kind of took it as a take what you need and drop the rest in general.
I may reference this again to try out some of the recipes included toward the end.

“Malibu Rsing” by: Taylor Jenkins Reid

I don’t know for stars as I have not finished this one yet! Bah heehee. I have started to read it though and am about 40 pages in. It is okay so far, but I am not instantly obsessed about it like I have been for other works by TJR. We will see how it goes though! I am optimistic that it will get better!

So yes, here are the books that I read in July:

If you would like to hear me speak on these reads as well as get some awesome B-roll footage overlays, make sure to click this link to go see my newest upload on my channel:


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