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Minimalist Series Part 3: Misc & Photo Albums

Now for the “komono” portion(which is the miscellaneous stuff that just sort of happens to appear in peoples’ houses. This is anything from batteries to paperclips to any collections etc.) and we donated THREE VANS worth of stuff before the van transmission starting having issues. Holy crap. We donated until our van died and then we got rid of that! 😉 The first part of our komono I worked on […]

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Minimalism Series Part 2: Books, Books, So Many Books + More

The second step in “tidying” involved sorting through your books one by one. Picking up each individual book and truly asking yourself if it brings you joy. I, as most of you know, am a HUGE book worm and LOVE books. I have one big bookcase and two smaller ones…but now they feature books along with other things too. One is in my closet for random things and one is […]

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Minimalism Series Part 1: Intro & Clothing

In 2015 I started my minimalism journey and I wanted to include some things about that quest to now two years later. When I first began I was inspired by the KonMarie method and so I followed her laid out plan to declutter.   I started with clothes as recommended, then went onto books (which I will post more about of course since this IS a book site afterall) and […]

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Weekend Update: Thrift Finds!

My thrift finds of the day included a Charmed board game ($1.99), an Alice in Wonderland DVD ($2.99) and three books I can’t wait to read! (“Still Alice” by Alice Hoffman,  “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky each only $1.50!!!) I will admit, I love thrifting. I enjoy finding things that I can enjoy and then pass along to someone else […]

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