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DC Comics x Romance Book Proposal Sample Scenes w/Intro

This was inspired by a dream I had the night of June 16th, 2017. I have some extremely wild and vivid dreams. I don’t usually write them into stories though instead I simply tell them to my husband and he is always amused by how insane my dreams are since he rarely remembers his. I couldn’t get these images I could not get out of my head and they begged […]

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“The Killing Joke” by Alan Moore

Holy shit Batman! I knew from other books that referenced this comic that the Joker shot Barbara in this one. I did not know that Gordon was with her at the time and that the Joker tore off her clothes and took pictures of her afterwards (so disturbing). The Joker origin story I feel may or may not have been the “true” one as Joker himself even says he gets […]

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“Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight” by: Travis Langley

Wow. This was…incredible. I read the Game of Thrones and Psychology and also the Walking Dead and Psychology by the same author and this one is above and beyond the best one imho. Lots of definitions and citing of specific themes and moments to illustrate, this work dives into the world of Batman through his many incarnations. From comics to films, it’s all included and quotes are used throughout from […]

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