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Bookstore Series: Part 2: Mimosa Books & Gifts

The very first thing that you notice when coming upon this bookstore is that is is sort of tucked away. From the outside you wouldn’t really peg it as a place that sold books. Once I spotted the little sign outside, I knew we had to check it out. My husband and I went in and right away we realized this was more gift oriented than book oriented. There were […]

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Bookstore Series: Part 1: Avol’s Books: A Room Of One’s Own

The very first step you take into this store you are met with greeting cards to the left, the checkout area right in front of you, and the humor and journals to the right. The Y/A and childrens books are sectioned off behind the greeting cards, there are book posters up on the top part of the stacks, magnets and small dolls and candles scattered about for sale are a […]

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