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“Snow White”, “Cinderella” & “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” Art by: Camilla Rose Garcia

“Snow White” by The Brothers Grimm: Here I thought I was familiar with The Brothers Grimm version! The lace part I thought was ribbons, I didn’t recall the comb, and the ending for the Queen? I did not remember that being the ending at all! The illustrations are spooky and eerie in such a lusciously Gothic way. I adored the book art both inside and out on all of these. […]

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“The Great Granny Cake Contest!” by: Tracey Corderoy; Illustrator: Joe Berger

To say this was a delightful read would not be doing it justice. From the very first page, the magic and mayhem that Pandora and her Grandmother get into makes you keep flipping the pages to see what schemes occur next! A cat named Cobweb, a magical Mom that doesn’t use her magic named Moonbeam, and a Dad that doesn’t have magic, the characters in this adorable read seem to […]

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“The Girl With The Ghost Machine” by: Lauren DeStefano

Originally I will admit I judged this book by the cover. (I referenced this work on my YouTube channel as an upcoming book I would be reading from a video posted on 4/15/17.) The story itself however, drew me in and was a page turner/quick read. The subject matter right from the beginning is heavy and very well handled by the author.  Emmaline is the main character whose Mom has […]

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“A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness

Oh so rare to find a book like this that pulls you in and makes you want to keep reading, reading, reading. What is happening and why? It is SO beautifully done. I am in awe of the storytelling power and metaphor here! This is the first time this year a book had grabbed me in so quickly and didn’t let go! The artwork in it is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. It […]

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