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“Lolas’ House: Filipino Women Living with War” by: M. Evelina Galang

The author of this took years to gather her research and to interview 16 Lolas/”Comfort Women”. The name “Comfort Women” is a subterfuge-y type of misnomer because there was nothing “comforting” about what they went through. During World War II the Japanese soldiers came into their homes, injured and or brutally murdered their fathers, mothers, siblings, husbands, and kidnapped these women to their camps. The suffering they endured was nothing […]

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“Radium Girls” by: Kate Moore

“Despite the harrowing implications, why do you feel this story hasn’t been widely explored?” is asked at the back of this book as part of a discussion guide and that my dears, is exactly what I would like to know! This novel explores not only the story itself, not only the clinical and factual side, but focused on the LIVES of these women. What they went through, how they were […]

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